Changing The World,
One Birth At A Time



I am a certified holistic doula and placenta encapsulator studying to become a midwife in the Central Michigan area. I believe all births should have one thing in common: women should feel empowered, autonomous, and supported no matter where or how they choose to give birth. I have become dedicated to helping growing families achieve this by providing them with the knowledge, encouragement, and support to help them feel confident in their choices and their birth space.

Because every family and birth are unique, I serve women in all types of birth settings and strive to help you achieve your goals for you and your baby. I look forward to meeting you and walking beside you in your journey!



"Alisha was an amazing doula during my most recent birth. She stayed by me and my husband's side for 14 hours, kept me calm, and encouraged me when I didn’t feel like I could continue. The nurses, the next day, even complimented her on how supportive she was. I will definitely recommend her to any and all expecting moms I know."

- Cassie F.

"Alisha is absolutely AMAZING! She was there for me during 4 of my 6 births. Not only is she calming and relaxing to have by your side, but she's a wonderful advocate for patient rights! She's very professional with her work and she is an amazing support to you during and after birth. Can't say enough good about this woman! Absolutely the best!"

- Nicole W.