The Warrior Within 

Our Story

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change." -Marie Mongan

Hi, my name's Alisha. I am the student midwife, holistic doula, lactation peer counselor, placenta encapsulator, and child birth educator behind The Warrior Within Birth Services. I have always been called to birth work but never knew how I was supposed to answer that calling in the way I was meant to. I wandered around, lost within the world of birth, until recently, when the vision became clear and I finally knew what I was supposed to do: I needed to teach the world about birth and guide women back to their power.

As I studied more and more about birth, I learned that while babies have obviously been being born since the beginning of time, what isn't so obvious to many is what's happening with our bodies and how our births influence and shape not only us, but our babies too. Speaking about birth has become so taboo within our society, especially in a positive, realistic light. Women have been left with knowing very little about their own bodies and their options for their births and babies. This, combined with the over-medicalization of birth and our society conditioning us to believe birth is always an emergency we must be saved from, has left us to believe that we are broken before we even get a chance to have an understanding. Over and over, I watched this mindset take away control and leave women scared and disempowered. As I continued to hear more negative birth experiences, I knew I needed to do something to change this. This is what fueled the fire in creating The Warrior Within, where I now passionately strive to bring awareness, normalize birth, and break the stigma.

The creation of The Warrior Within holds great meaning. The knowledge and power surrounding birth has been lost. As a holistic doula, it is my honor to reunite you with your higher self and your power of instinctive knowing. I will continue to remind you of your power's existence and give you all the encouragement, support, and resources to help guide you to it, feel strength in it, and keep it. This power? That is the warrior within us, and together we will use that power and rise, reclaiming birth one birth at a time. I love and appreciate every single one of you who are on this journey with me. Love and Light.

 - Alisha